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Describe Dream
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  • Describe your dream in text, images and video to introduce yourself and the story behind your Dream
  • Estimate how much your dream will cost to realize in the Dream Budget and describe in text or in the video what the budget will cover
  • A video that describes your dream can be uploaded on aGreatDay or linked from YouTube with the length of maximum 2 minutes
Dream approved
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  • For the Dream to be live on aGreatDay it needs to be approved
  • To be approved you need to have a description and images as well as the dream following the rules in our Terms of Service
  • Your dream will be live for 45 days to begin with, after that you can extend your time plan with 30 days at the time if you need more time to reach your goal
Share and crowdfund
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  • Crowdfunding of purchased and earned Hearts to your Dream to reach the budget you’ve set for your dream
  • Share your dream on social media to raise awareness and gain support about your dream among friends, family and fans
Goal reached!
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  • You have filled the budget for your dream and reached your goal!
  • To have the money paid out you will fill out additional information to aGreatDay for you to start the fulfillment of your dream
Success story
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  • Congratulations! You have fulfilled your dream! Everyone that have supported your dream is curious what happened during the fulfillment
  • Show the fulfilment of the dream in a success story when you describe it in text, images and/or video
About us
aGreatDay fulfills peoples Dreams through our online platform, combining traditional crowdfunding, reward based advertsing with filmed content.

Everyone has Dreams and together we can make them come true. You can create and share your own Dream as well as enjoy, learn from and be inspired by people fulfilling Dreams around the world!