1 Heart = USD$0.10

Hearts is aGreatDay's digital currency and purchased in the Heart Shop when logged in as a User. Each Heart (1 Heart) has a value of USD$0.10  Users can not pay cash or use any other monetary value to support a Dream. Users can only buy Hearts on the website and give them to Dream Projects on the website. 



Fulfilled Dream

Unfulfilled Dream

Subscription plan

90 % of total raised Hearts goes to fulfill the Dream Project. 90 % refund to each individual Funder as per percentage contributed. 20 Hearts per month
10 % administrative fee taken out by aGreatDay. See specified list below. 10 % administrative fee taken out by aGreatDay. See specified list below. 1st month free 

Administrative fee

Our 10 % administration fee covers:

  • Our staff that is handling all the content on the site, guiding and supporting our Dreamers and Funders for success.
  • Connecting Dreamers and Corporations to promote partnerships to fulfill Dreams.
  • Offering the unique advertising model, Earn Hearts where Users can gain Hearts by interacting with campaigns.
  • Provide professional teams for fulfillment of "Signature Dream" & "The Impossible Dream"