Frequently Asked Questions


What is

aGreatDay combines crowdfunding, stories and a corporate sponsoring model to fulfill peoples Dreams on a global scale.

How can Dreams be fulfilled on aGreatDay? 

By creating a Dream Project on aGreatDay you can fulfill your Dream through crowdfunding. Present your Dream in a video and/or text and images, you can share and start crowdfunding once your Dream is approved.

Who is a aGreatDay for?

aGreatDay is for everyone. Anyone can sign up, create a profile and upload their Dream Project or support a Dream on our website. 

How old do you have to be?

You need to be 13 years old to create an account. If you are between 13 and 18 years old you have to have parental consent to register as a user. 

Who are the Dreamers?

Dreamers are registered Users on who have created a Dream Project. 

Who are the Funders?

Funders are registered Users on aGreatDay who support dreams by giving Hearts, i.e. fund dreams. 

Why would you fund a Dream? 

You might fund a Dream because you want to see it come true, know or support the Dreamer that created the dream or for any other reason that compel you to support a Dream. Another reason might be to make a difference in the world by supporting good/different/cool initiatives by Dreamers. 

Do I get anything in return for supporting a Dream?

When a Dream you have supported has been fulfilled, it will be presented in a Success Story and uploaded on the Dream Project page on If the Dreamer offers rewards you will receive the reward. 

What are Hearts?

Hearts is aGreatDay's digital currency and purchased in the Heart Shop when logged in as a User. Each Heart (1 Heart) has a value of USD$0.10  Users can not pay cash or use any other monetary value to support a Dream. Users can only buy Hearts on the website and give them to Dream Projects on the website. 

What are Earn Hearts?

Earn Hearts is a way for Users to gain Hearts by watching and interacting with campaigns created by corporations and brands. 

What is a campaign?

A campaign is a corporate initiative to present sponsored content on Different campaigns will give out various amounts of Hearts based on the length and message of the campaign. Users can watch a campaign once and share it on Facebook or Twitter once.  

Who creates campaigns? 

Corporate sponsors and/or aGreatDay create campaigns and post these on the website. All campaigns are created in collaboration with aGreatDay.  

What is a dedicated campaign? 

A dedicated campaign is linked to a dedicated dream, meaning that the Hearts earned from interacting with a campaign is automatically transferred to the dream instead of your Heart Account. If a campaign is dedicated it is clearly shown on the campaign page and linked dream page. 

What is a dedicated dream?  

A dedicated dream is chosen by a corporate sponsor to be sponsored by the Funder watching campaign content and it being automatically transferred to the dream. Part of or the entire dream funding is directly linked to the campaign. 

What is a sponsored dream?  

It’s a Dream that is selected or created by a corporate sponsor. A sponsored dream may be presented to corporations and brands and may be fully funded thanks to the sponsor. A sponsored Dream is not ultimately fulfilled and funded for being one. 

What is flexible funding?  

Flexible funding means that the Dreamer can utilize their funding's even though they did not reach their goal. If the Dreamer decides to go this route he/her will have to add the rest of the Hearts them self to fulfill the dream. There is also a limit on when they can utilize this and its described in the dream. At the moment this is set to 30%.

Is there a difference between purchased and earned Hearts? 

A dedicated dream is chosen by a corporate sponsor to be sponsored by the Funder watching campaign content and it being automatically transferred to the dream.  

Is there a difference between purchased and gained Hearts? 

Yes, Purchased and earned hearts have the same value (1 Heart = 0.10 USD), although the difference is that Purchased Hearts are bought in the Heart Shop and are refundable. Earned Hearts are non-refundable and earned from interacting with a campaign on Read more about this in our Terms of Service.  


FAQ's about Dream Projects

Find everything you need to know about creating a Dream Project in our FAQ about Dreams