FAQ about dreams

FAQ's about Dream Projects

How do you create a Dream?

1. Click on Create Dream in the top menu when logged in as a User 

2. Introduction

Set a title for your Dream, choose which categories to belong to and shortly describe the dream to catch people's attention.

3. Present

Long description: Describe your dream in text in the Long Description field. You can also add images and YouTube videos to your Long Description to explain your Dream further. 

Thumbnail image: Attach a thumbnail image which will be visible in your Dream card in Discover, along with the chosen Title and Short description. 

Pitch video: Upload a pitch video or embed a video from YouTube. Embedding from YouTube is super simple, just copy the URL link or embedding link from YouTube and paste it in the Pitch video field for it to be loaded. 

It’s not necessary to have a video to present you dream with but may help to build a connection with your potential Funders. 

Try to keep within or shorter than the 2 minute time recommendation to keep your viewers attention. 

If you feel you want to add more than one video, click the video symbol by the Long description box and copy the URL or embedding link from YouTube.

Dream budget: This is where you set the target for how many Hearts you need to fulfill your dream. I.e. the amount of Hearts you will crowdfund to reach your financial goal. We advise you to include the 10% administrative fee that is withdrawn from the Hearts paid out. That means that if your dream requires 1000 Hearts to be fulfilled, we advise you to set your goal at 1100 Hearts. Try to be as reasonable and correct as possible in your estimate.

4. Rewards

If you want to offer your Funders rewards, this is where you add and specify them. Choose which amounts to receive different rewards if you’re offering several. The rewards needs to be non-monetary and not have any value equivalent to the amount of Hearts they are supporting your Dream with. 

5. Send for approval

Go to My Page when you're happy with the presentation of your Dream Project. Below your Heart balance in Overview the Dreams you have created are gathered. In order for your Dream to be approved it needs to be in line with our Term of Service.  

6. Done! You have created a dream!

Once aGreatDay have reviewed your Dream Project you will receive and email telling you if it was approved.

My dream is approved, what next? 

Now the fun starts! Spread the word about your Dream through social media, link the dream to Facebook or similar to engage family, friends or fans. Continue reading at “Crowdfund for 60 days”. 

My dream wasn’t approved, why?  


You will have received guidelines and the reason why your Dream wasn’t approved in order for you to change and have it resent for approval. If you have violated our Terms of Service you will not have the possibility to change the dream and have it resent for approval. A dream that violates the Terms of Service needs to be recreated and sent for approval again.

Crowdfund for 60 days 

When your dream is approved you have 60 days to reach your financial goal. Encourage your family and friends to give Hearts to your Dream. They can also earn hearts by watching commercials on aGreatDay and give those Hearts to your dream. 

Post updates

During your crowdfunding process you may post updates in text, images and video to update your Funders on how everything's going with the Dream Project.

Extend your time plan if needed 

If you need more time than 60 days to reach your Heart goal you may extend your time plan with one month per extension, for the maximum amount of time - 12 months. You will receive emails informing you when the time is running out and if needed, how to extend the time. 

I reached my goal! What now?

Congratulations! To receive the Hearts you received to your dream you fill out your payout information in the Payment tab on My Page. Once the payment information is verified aGreatDay will payout the amount of Hearts crowdfunded* to your bank account so that you can get started with the fulfillment. 

*Minus 10 % in administrative fees 

I’ve received the money, what’s the next step?

The next step is to start the fulfillment of the Dream. Plan and start the fulfillment of your dream, the process is very different depending on what your Dream is so this part is very individual.  Post updates to brief your Funders of how the fulfillment is going. 

You have 360 days to fulfill your dream from the payout date. Read more about the time regulations for a Dream fulfillment in our Terms of Service.

My dream is about to be fulfilled, what is required from me then? 

In order for a dream to be considered fulfilled on aGreatDay you need to present a success story, this means that you in text, images and or video presents the Dream fulfillment. 

We recommend you to take photos and film before/during/after the Dream fulfillment. That content makes it much easier to write or produce a simple video to show your Dream. This part is very important so that Funders get to know what their support contributed to and to prolong the lifetime of your Dream since positivity and success is something that is greatly appreciated on social media. 

If you have offered rewards for the Funders support those needs to be followed through before or in connection with the uploading of a success story.


Read about funding Dreams and the relationship between Funder and Dreamer in the Funding Summary.

What happens if my Dream doesn’t reach its financial goal and the time runs out?

Then the Hearts that your Dream received will be refunded to the original Funders. As written in our Terms of Service, 10 % of the Hearts given will be withdrawn for administrative costs and the remaining 90% will be transferred back to the Funders Heart Account. Earned Hearts can only be used once and are therefore non refundable. 

Do I have to return the funds that has been raised at any time? 

Read about funding Dreams and the relationship between Funder and Dreamer in the Funding Agreement and Terms of Service. 

If you do not fulfill your Dream Project, you may be subjected by the Funder/s to attempt to fulfill your Dream. Or, Funder/s may also select to pursue legal action if a Dream Project is not fulfilled after the Dreamer has received the funds to fulfill his or her Dream. 

Who is responsible for fulfilling your Dream once it has been funded?

The Dreamer is fully responsible for fulfilling the Dream Project. If the Dreamer is unable or for any other reason cannot fulfill a Dream Project, the Dreamer is obligated to return the funds to aGreatDay, after which aGreatDay will return the Hearts to the Funders less a 10% administrative fee. 

What is the Dreamer obligated to do after the Dream has been fully funded?What happens if a Dreamer doesn't fulfill his or her dream?

The Dreamer is obligated to fulfill the Dream and post videos of him or her fulfilling the Dream, so that the Funders have the opportunity to share in the fulfillment of the Dream. Sharing the fulfillment of the Dream is a gesture to those who have given out of generosity of their heart supporting a cause, action or event they believed in.

What happens if a Dreamer doesn't fulfill his or her dream?

If a Dreamer doesn't fulfill his or her dream, he or she needs to return all of the funds to aGreatDay. aGreatDay will then refund the Funds to each original Funder.