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How Signature Dreams work

Dream is created on
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  • A User creates a Dream on with the same requirements as any other Dream on the website.
  • Once a Dream is approved by aGreatDay and live on the website the Dream can be selected by aGreatDay to become a Signature Dream.
Dream is chosen by aGreatDay
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  • The selection of a Signature Dream could be based upon popularity, social support, uniqueness, appeal to sponsors etc.
  • In addition to agreeing to the Terms of Service, a Signature Dream requires that you sign additional legal documents.
aGreatDay elevates the Dream presentation
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  • If the Dream is selected to be a Signature Dream, aGreatDay will together with the Dreamer improve the presentation of the Dream. The improvement could be to re-cut or film a clearer video presentation professionally.
  • aGreatDay will then present the Dream to corporations and brands for funding purposes and sponsorships.
  • There is no guarantee that a Signature Dream will be sponsored or fully funded. aGreatDay simply helps to improve your chances of being sponsored. The elevation also improves your chances of getting more support through crowdfunding.
Dream is fulfilled and filmed
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  • Once the your Signature Dream is sucessfully sponsored, your Dream will be fulfilled. aGreatDay will pre-produce, produce, execute and follow the fulfillment of the Dream.
  • A professional team will film the fulfillment of the Dream.
Dream fulfillment is aired on
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  • The fulfillment will be executed by aGreatDay as well as producing the Success Video.
  • aGreatDay will fulfill your Dream and produce its Success Video - depending on the agreement between aGreatDay and the corporate sponsor, your success story might be presented in one or several web-TV episodes.

How The Impossible Dream works

Create Dream on platform
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  • Create a Dream video and share your story describing your Dream in a simple and engaging way.
  • The video doesn’t have to be fancy, so don’t hesitate to use a smartphone and try to stay within the two-minute time limit.
  • Make sure your Dream is presented in fun and creative way. Remember that the success of your Dream depends on how it appeals to the viewers and on the support from others.
Start crowdfunding
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  • Share you Dream through aGreatDay’s social media buttons and start crowd funding for your Dream.
  • The more people you share your Dream with, the better the chance to get your Dream crowdfunded. Share and push for your Dream to be realized.
Casting for The Impossible Dream Show
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  • When you create your Dream you can choose to be part of the category for the Impossible Dream. Once approved by aGreatDay you officially become a contestant.
aGreatDay selects Dream
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  • The aGreatDays editorial team will select five finalists to participate in the aGreatDay Show
  • Once a Dream is selected, aGreatDay will help the Dreamer to improve the presentation, film or edit any additional content required for the Dream project.
aGreatDay elevates Dream
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  • We will edit the Dream for a jury to determine the best chance of winning The Impossible Dream contest.
  • The winner of The Impossible Dream will have their Dream fulfilled, and their Success Video will be produced and filmed by a professional team.

Live show with jury
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  • The contestants will enter the last part of the competition, the finale.
  • The competition will culminate in a surprise event, presenting the winner.
Second chance
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  • Even if your Dream should not be selected to, or be the winner of, The Impossible Dream, your Dream will still be live on the platform and therefore possible to fulfill through crowdfunding.
  • Your Dream could also still be chosen by aGreatDay to the SignatureDream contest.
Winner is filmed by aGreatDay
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  • The winner of The Impossible Dream will be fully funded and the Dream project will be filmed by a professional aGreatDay team.
Dream is fulfilled
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  • The Dream Project is being fulfilled
  • Once the Dream project is finalized and the web episodes edited, they will be aired and shown to the world on aGreatDay
Dream aired on aGreatDay
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  • Once the Dream project and the digital web episodes are finalized and edited for content they will be aired on aGreatDay and will be shown to the world.

How Earn Hearts work

Watch commercials and share campaigns
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  • Each campaign page is created and presented on by corporations or brands who want to spread their message and support our Users.
  • Users Earn Hearts as a reward when watching commercials or when sharing the campaign on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Each campaign creator decides how many Hearts to be paid for a view or share.
Earn Hearts
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  • Users will Earn Hearts when watching or sharing a campaign.
  • As soon as a User has viewed or shared a campaign, the Earned Hearts will go directly into the User’s account.
  • You can only watch and/or share a campaign once.
Support your own or fund a Dream
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  • After receiving the Earned Hearts in your Heart Account you can spend them however you like, for example to fund a Dream or extend your subscription plan.
  • One Earned Heart and one purchased Heart have equal value ($0.10), but an Earned Heart can only be used once